You want your living room to appear attractive, warmly and comfy. You want the color of your modern living room walls to last through changing furniture and changing trends. This is several tips to choose Modern Living Room Paint Colors:


Another method to go modern living room is to paint walls in neutral colors. Paint them a taupe or sandy brown or paint one living room wall to off-white paint color and a facing wall in lighted nuance of moss green. Paint window frames, molding and wainscoting in neutral colors that are lighter than the wall colors.

Neutral colors are those colors that seem to match everything, and are difficult to put in any one category of color. Neutral colors have luminosity but are dark enough not to look boring. To find a neutral choose paint swatches from the categories of beige, khaki, gray blue, gray gold, gray purple and gray green.

Earth Tones

Earth tones like chocolate, sage and sand match furniture made of natural woods and dark colors. Earth tones create a warm and cozy feeling in a living room decorating ideas.

Choosing colors and finishes for modern living room walls are a matter of personal taste, and consideration for existing decor, such as the colors of floor coverings, furniture and window treatments.

Since earth tone living room paint colors are wide and varied, it is critical to keep a few simple ideas in mind as you decorate your living room. Versatility and Flexibility in Painting with Earth Tones
Living room paint colors in the earth tones include more than just basic tan. Earthy tones are symbolic of all the warm colors of the physical earth. Earth tones are varied and neutral, so they provide the perfect option for modern living room paint colors.

Modern living room paint colors should be livable and enjoyable. Certainly, earth toned paint colors don’t have to stand alone in modern living room design ideas. Similarly, you can add a punch of color to a living room that is primarily painted in earth tones. A bright red sofa looks gorgeous in a living room that has been painted a soft mocha color. Earth tone paint colors can thrive off of the addition of a dramatic or a complementary accent paint color. Earth toned paint colors are ethereal and subdued; so take warm colors for your living room to draw pleasantries into your living room. Earth tones are not boring; they are rich with color. Earth tones are a great option for living room design. The colors are warm, vibrant, fresh, and inviting.

Choosing earth tone paint colors for your living room will help your interior design wishes come true. Modern living room paint colors can help you decorating the home of your dreams.

Bright Colors

Create balance for your bold colors by painting window frames, door frames and moldings in off white or white.

Faux Denim

Paint the walls in cream or white for a base color, and let them dry. Next, mix a denim blue paint with a clear glaze, one part paint to four parts glaze.

Pure white walls can look very modern if not only the walls are painted white, but also the floors, the window and door frames, the moldings and baseboards.

Modern Living Room Paint Colors

Modern Living Room Paint ColorsModern Living Room Paint Colors