Living room design ideas inspired by nature

Gray Living Room Picture

Fashionable and sophisticated, middle grey is a neat foil for warm, sandy wood finishes. In spite of being simple, this box fireplace round, fulfilled with chopped up backlogs, is an eye-catching focal point.

Gray Living room with bright accents

Gray Living Room
Bring about your living room a contemporary twist with a colorful footrest. Teamed with soft tones and traditional prints, the outline takes on a unique edge.

Chromatic living room
Gray Living Room
Keep shapes and patterns simple when using chromatic, and layer tones of soothing gray in the furniture, carpet and some accessories. Add some kinky items in bright white to bring up the scheme.

Pointed chimney breast

Gray Living room
A lamp chimney breast ornamented with bespoke contemporary-style paneling that incorporates a wall-mounted television makes an interesting central point. The dark-skinned seating spread with bright cushion sums accents of color to the scheme, getting attention away from the television set

Grey and pink stripes Living Room
Gray Living Room
Stripes in different balances bring character and interest in this calm living room. Applying a pallette of alike soft shades of grey assures an adhesive, relaxing scheme, while hot pink accents add definition and color

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